Graduate Writing Workshops for Spring 2017

To register for a graduate workshop, please visit this link: Graduate School Professional Development

Writing the Literature Review
We will discuss how to write a literature review. If you are currently working on a literature review, you may want to have access to your notes/materials.

January 24th MMC 3-4pm
Jan 25 Online 4-5pm

Writing the Personal Statement

We will discuss some different approaches to writing personal statements. This interactive workshop will include some writing activities.

Feb. 21st MMC 3-4 pm GL124

Feb 22 4-5pm BBC HL170
Avoiding Plagiarism

We will discuss definitions of plagiarism and questions about paraphrasing and citing. Please bring any questions you have about plagiarism and citing.

March 21st MMC 3-4pm GL124
March 22 4-5pm BBC HL170