Online Tutoring

Hello! If you have chosen to work with one of the CEW's online tutors, we hope this will be a smooth and pleasant experience for you. In fact, some of our writing center users prefer it to in-person sessions. You can schedule an appointment by visiting our "Make an Appointment" page on our website. After you register and/or log in, select the schedule called "Active Online Tutoring Summer A 2015." Please read the following student instructions to help you get started with the Adobe Connect program.

 Online tutoring

1. Check your e-mail! Our receptionist will have sent you a URL where the meeting will take place.

2. At the time of your session, click on this URL. This will open up Adobe Connect in a new window. You may be prompted to download a plugin, a process that will only take a few seconds and will only happen once.

3. The room you enter will look something like this:

 Adobe Connect meeting room

3. When you are in the room, if you are not able to interact with the tutor, you may need to communicate by typing in the chat box. It's sometimes necessary to have telephone backup, so please plan to have a phone nearby.

4. Your tutor may ask you to share your computer screen during your session and will show you how to do this. The tutor at no time has access to your document or your computer!

Remember: The Adobe Connect program uses the Internet, so you may experience time lag with information that you send as well as in the video/audio when chatting. This can be reduced by hardwiring your computer, if possible. Please keep in mind that the online system experiences occasional errors; therefore, we ask that you be patient when having an online session. Thank you.

At the end of your session, please fill out the evaluation provided to give feedback on your online tutoring experience.