PaulaPaula Gillespie has directed the Center for Excellence in Writing since July of 2009. During that time she has established a course for training undergraduate peer tutors, has re-introduced online tutoring using Adobe Connect, and with funds from a Title V grant for Hispanic-serving institutions, has established a Writing Fellows Program.

She has served as the secretary and president of the International Writing Centers Association and on the Nominating Committee and the Executive Committee of CCCC. She has worked as a consultant at universities in Chile, Mexico, and Germany, and has led workshops on integrating peer tutoring in Greece. With Neal Lerner she’s the author of The Longman Guide to Peer Tutoring and with Alice Gillam, Lady Falls Brown, and Byron Stay she’s the editor of Writing Center Research: Extending the Conversation.

With Harvey Kail and Bradley Hughes, she researched and has published about the long- and short-term effects of peer tutoring on peer tutors. As part of the research, she, Hughes, and Kail established a Web site that invites other writing center professionals to do similar studies. She, Kail, and Hughes won the International Writing Centers Association Outstanding Scholarship Award for Best Article of 2010 for their article on the Peer Tutor Alumni Research Project. Click here for more information: Peer Tutor Alumni Research Project.

She and Brad Hughes designed and she has has co-chaired the IWCA Summer Institute three times. Her current work, based on research at FIU, looks at the dynamics of sessions involving non-native-English-speaking and L1.5 tutors and Writing Fellows.

In her spare time she enjoys beading and jewelry design as well as gardening in her front yard food forest.